True to our reputation as a top-quality architectural metal fabricator who can handle the most challenging projects with gorgeous results, Foreman has done it again!

We’re incredibly proud to announce we’ve won another Gold award in the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association’s (NOMMA) peer-judged International Metal Craft Competition – the 2022 Ernest Wiemann Top Job Competition for Outstanding Craftsmanship. This time we were honored for the beautiful precision work we did for the Ritz Carlton cigar bar in Clayton. We’re especially excited by this win because it marks our second Top Job award on work we’ve done for the Ritz – last time was for the stunning mirrored copper ceiling features we did for their banquet area. It’s been an impressive, multi-phased project.

The finished project is simply gorgeous, crafted with a mirrored copper plate that is so unique, it can’t help but grab your gaze.  Next time you banquet at the Ritz, your eyes will immediately turn to the captivating reflective copper finish on the ceiling, stove hood and soffit in the kitchen serving area.  It really is stunning.

The antiqued brass accents fabricated for this impressive bar area presented numerous challenges in measuring, material handling and craftsmanship. On top of the gorgeous finished look of the project, the job had its challenges such as a radius where horizontal and vertical components intersect. We made every effort to protect the integrity of the surfaces due to the notorious reputation brass has as a soft metal prone to scratching and dinging during fabrication. We had to hustle at the end but were able to get a great looking finish on what can be a tricky metal.

Our skilled fabricators are the best, and they love the fact they get to build “cool stuff” like this. Count on Foreman Fabricators for everything from simple brake metal to your most complicated metal fabrication project.

The Players:

As with any project, Foreman was just one component among the companies involved in making the Ritz Carlton cigar bar project a reality.  Foreman respects and appreciates the role each company played in the success of this project.  Special thanks to Gravois Planing Mill for choosing us for this project.