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River City Casino Brass and Aluminum Fabrication

River City Casino opened on March 4, 2010 on the bank of the Mississippi River. It has approximately 55 gaming tables and 2,000 slots, and was named the Best St. Louis Casino in 2010 by Riverfront Times.

If you’ve been there, you’ve seen our work. Foreman fabricated the brass trim on the canopy at the north entrance and on top the of revolving doors at all 3 entrances to the Casino. If you need a curved piece of polished brass trim to add a touch of class to your exterior, we’ve got you covered.  We also made the anodized aluminum lattice panels on the south and east side entrances and the aluminum mirror box above the sushi bar in the buffet.  The aluminum lattice panels are interesting because they’re nearly invisible.  We made them to match the surrounding painted wood lattice, and they do, perfectly.

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Return to St. Louis Landmarks

Miscellaneous Metal Items

Coatings & Finishes

A wide array of coatings & finishes are available for fabricating metal products.  Some items can be fabricated from metals that have specialized finishes or coatings, and in other cases, the finishes can be applied after the product is fabricated.  Polishing is another finish option, and Foreman Fabricators is expert at the process of polishing and buffing to bring out the maximum beauty of the metal.

Contact Foreman Fabricators today and we will help you select the finish option best suited to the intended use of the metal item.

Lacquers & Coatings:
  Lacquers and other coatings are often applied to metals to prevent the finish from oxidizing and degrading, and to maintain luster.  The variety of available coatings is quite extensive.

Mill Finishes:  A mill finish refers to how the metal looks as it comes from the manufacturing mill.  Sometimes these metals are treated or coated to enhance shine or prevent oxidation.

Mirror Finishes: Mirror finishes are highly reflective and use very low grit levels to minimize the visibility of grain lines and offer the cleanest, smoothest finished surface.

Brush Finishes:  Also referred to as a “satin finish”, a brush finish gives metal a linear directional grain, and the visibility and depth of the grain is determined by the grit of the abrasive material used to create the finish.  A number system is often associated with the level of the finish.

#3 – This finish process uses an abrasive with a grit of approximately 100 to produce a highly visible finished pattern.
#4 – This finish process creates a slightly softer pattern than the #3 finish, and uses an abrasive grit of about 150.
#6 – A specialized Tampico brush is used in this process to soften the look of the finished grain.
#7 – This level gives a highly reflective finish, but still shows some grain lines.
*8 – The highest level of finish, this process gives a full mirror finish with almost no grain lines visible.

Anti-Microbial Finishes: Anti-microbial finishes and coating on metals can help suppress the growth of bacteria, molds, mildews and fungi.  Metal can be procured pre-finished with an anti-microbial coating, or we can apply the anti-microbial finish after fabrication of most metal items.  Anti-microbial finishes has a wide variety of applications, but are perhaps most prevalent in Medical Offices and Hospitals, as well as Restaurants and other Food Service facilities.

Pre-Finished Materials:
  There is an extensive array of pre-finished metals that can be used to give your fabricated metal item the look you want.  The following links show some of the finish types available:

Welding and Polishing

Foreman Fabricators does it all when it comes to the art of welding, polishing and buffing.  If you simply need strong, durable welds that will stand up to heavy industrial use, we can deliver.  And we’re experts at producing finely finished welds that “disappear” into the finished work AND FINAL “FIT-UP”, making a multi-pieced assembly look as though it were a single unit.

From new fabrications designed to your exact specifications, to repairing a broken metal item of almost any kind, to matching an existing item for replacement, there’s no one better than Foreman Fabricators. Whether it’s for durable utility or for exceptional beauty, or both, Foreman Fabricators has the welding and polishing skills to meet your needs.

Contact us today for a quote or specs on any of your welding or polishing needs.

A variety of weld finishes are available based on the intended use of the fabricated item and the need for aesthetic appeal.

Be sure to read our blog articles for more examples of our welding and polishing capabilities:

Hof Construction Architectural Cladding

Stainless Steel Balcony Railings

Blog Image

Blog Image

Moto Europa:  9/17/10
Stainless Balcony Rails

A design-build firm asked Foreman Fabricators to make a cable fill railing for the Moto Europa Museum in downtown St Louis.   We supplied the balcony rail structure using stainless steel components, and installation was handled by our customer. 

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