Ginger Bay Salon and Spa is committed to creating an extraordinary experience for their customers, offering beautiful facilities that are sleek, contemporary, comfortable and efficient.  Always looking for leading edge, innovative ideas, Ginger Bay was exploring ways to enhance the hair coloring experience for patrons of their Town & Country Salon in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Traditionally an extremely messy part of most hair salons, the “color bar” is a dispensary of various shampoos, dyes and associated chemicals and products used for the hair coloring process.  The color bar is typically difficult to keep organized and clean, and thus often relegated to the “back rooms” of most salons.  Ginger Bay owners Laura Ortmann and Jeff Evenson wanted to change all that by moving the color bar into the service area of the salon, displaying its elements as an inviting array of image changing products, all presented in a way that welcomed the customer directly into the experience.  The challenge was to create a color bar area that was both beautiful and functional…and easy to keep impeccably clean!

General Contractor J.E. Foster Building Company and Rataj-Krueger Architects were brought in to help bring this vision to reality.  Takara Belmont Corporation, a premier provider of equipment and furniture for the salon industry, was also engaged to oversee the design of the furniture.  Working with Takara Belmont, architect Kurt Krueger began working on the design, and they found that an “off-the-shelf” solution simply wouldn’t do.  The type of customer counter area they needed would have to be custom designed, and Kurt set about the job of creating a space to meet the vision of the owners.

Foreman Fabricators was assigned to the job, and having worked with J.E. Foster and Takara Belmont in the past, they quickly understood the vision and the need for fast turnaround.  Working from the creative design and drawings developed by architect Krueger, Foreman took extensive site measurements and produced detailed fabrication specifications.  The actual fabrication and installation was completed faster than the Ginger Bay team could have hoped, and the finished product was a masterpiece made of gleaming stainless steel, all formed and welded to make the color bar counter appear as though it was made from a single piece of material.

“Foreman did amazing work!,” says Michelle Steimann, Director of Facilities for Ginger Bay Salon and Spa.  “We were on a very tight schedule, and the Foreman team really came through for us fast.  We were delighted how quickly they were able to finish the job, and the color bar turned out fabulous…absolutely terrific…and it fit perfectly…dead on…the first time.”

Foreman also worked with Takara Belmont and Krueger to create stylish and functional backwash counter areas behind the shampoo bowls, another place prone to messes in salons.  Under the guidance of the design team’s drawings, Foreman manufactured a stainless steel backwash with practical durability and lots of aesthetic appeal.  The backwash incorporates a built in custom trough to store bottles and products in pristine order, adding to the aesthetics, and the stainless steel holds up beautifully against the inevitable water and product spills.

Kurt Krueger, partner at Rataj-Krueger Architects, was impressed.  “Foreman Fabricators did a fantastic job implementing the vision and design we created.  They couldn’t have done a better job!  We will absolutely be including them on projects in the future, and I intend to start using them in the design and specs stage, where we can benefit from their expertise to help us assure our design concepts align with the realities of the fabrication process, thus streamlining costs and creating realistic budget expectations.”

Steimann summed up the project this way, “Foreman Fabricators showed us they are committed to the needs of their customers, and they’ve certainly left a lasting positive impression with us.  I can assure you we’ll be bringing them our business in the future.”