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Moto Europa:  9/17/10
Stainless Balcony Rails

A design-build firm asked Foreman Fabricators to make a cable fill railing for the Moto Europa Museum in downtown St Louis.   We supplied the balcony rail structure using stainless steel components, and installation was handled by our customer. 

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Beauty was key on this railing and a considerable amount of effort went into making the welds inconspicuous and then polishing them for a natural appearance.  The designer had chosen stout components as necessary to withstand the tension from the cable infill, but in the end it made for a bold appearance on the overall product.  The railing was so heavy that we had to press office workers into service when it came time to move the railings around for polishing in the shop.   Foreman is the go-to choice when contractors need stainless steel railings of this type.  Our extensive experience in measuring, designing drawings, rail fabrication and project coordination ultimately makes the contractor’s job easier.