Foreman Fabricators is based in St. Louis, MO and you can see our work in various attractions all over the city. But we can work anywhere in the US, and we have. You can see our work in National Parks, National Monuments, and on Federal Projects throughout the country.

Foreman recently completed a high-profile project at the Washington Monument in our nation’s capital.  Foreman did the site measurements and fabricated a custom stainless steel door and panel frames that incorporated an interwoven metal mesh as infill.  The mesh for the door and panel frames was a bit unusual and had to match exactly with what was already in use at the site. Working with our HUBZone partner for the installation, the custom stainless steel door and panel frames were seamlessly tied into the existing structure.  We also supplied plexiglass & door hardware.

Foreman’s work at the Washington Monument is a perfect example of our extensive capabilities, including:
  • Field measurement.
  • Custom design to exactly match existing materials on the job site.
  • Expert fabrication and assembly.
  • Incorporation of multiple materials into the finished product.
Whether you just need our expertise in metal fabrication and design, or you want someone who can do the whole job from concept to design and fabrication to installation…If it’s made of metal, call Foreman First!  One-of-a-kind or quantity, since 1959.