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Foreman Fabricators was contracted by Hof Construction to help them protect walls and columns at the Federal Records Center on Goodfellow Boulevard in St Louis.   Our scope of work included field measuring then purchasing and fabricating treadbrite material, as well as supplying the appropriate fasteners for mounting.  We also handled delivery to the site.

The fabrication was not excessively difficult but organizing and shipping the large amount of parts for the areas being worked on was a challenge.  Foreman didn’t have the advantage of setting up the whole project in advance and then running with it.  To ensure exact measurements as the project unfolded, the fabrication had to be done in coordination with the construction as it happened in the field.  Areas were measured as they became available and then the parts were needed very soon after that.  Overall, the job was split into four sections with some extra work needing to be done for the inevitable surprises that occur on a construction project.  Foreman created a logical, user friendly labeling system so that fabricators and installers were all on the same page.  We also stacked the parts according to the labeling system so that once they were shipped to the site they came off the skid in a useful order for the contractor.

This project used the following materials and services, click the links to see examples of more: