Foreman Fabricators is a recognized expert in the fabrication of handrails, guardrails, suspended glass railings, spiral staircases and stair railings of all types. Customers also count on us to design, fabricate and install a variety of safety guards and railing for dangerous areas around machinery or equipment.

Whether your business has you buying hand rails for jobs frequently, or if you’re a first time buyer for a commercial building or private residence, it’s easy to forget details. We always want to get your order right, and in over 50 years in business, we’ve learned where most problems with hand rail quotes occur, so we can help you get it right.

Need a Glass Rail?… Click Here to Use the Online Glass Rail Calculator.

Need a Metal Rail? To help us get your rail quotes as quickly and accurately as possible, we’ve put together this helpful guide.

7 Quick Tips for Better Handrail Quotes

  1. Provide a drawing and dimensions. Architectural drawings are great, but a simple sketch will often do, with enough detail to show how many turns there are and if the rail is on a stair, a ramp or a level area. Along with dimensions for each run between turns (if any). This will give us a strong idea of the total footage of the railing, material required, number of turns, etc. We will assist with exact field measuring when the job is ready to go.

  2. Send us a picture. It’s not an absolute requirement if you have architectural drawings or know exactly what you want to order, but it’s very helpful if you can send us a picture of a railing that resembles what you’re looking for. Pop online to find one you can send us, or snap a picture of one with your camera. If your rail is part of an existing structure, provide pictures of the future location of the rail and any related railings or features that will impact the railing design. Check out our website for examples of our work but remember, we’re a custom fabricator…we can build what you need and want.

  3. Specify your metal. Choose from stainless steel, bronze, brass, steel, aluminum and more. We also offer a wide variety of metal finishes and coatings to enhance beauty and durability so please be specific. Not sure? Give us a call, tell us the application you need it for, and we’ll help you make the best choice for your budget. We also work with other trades and can add wood or other types of material to the rail.

  4. Finish level. Typically, high finish, better looking welds cost more, so keep that in mind when you choose your finish levels. For example, a utilitarian safety rail in a service area may not require the same level of finish as a rail in a front foyer.

  5. Budget. Those who purchase railings with some regularity will often have a budget in mind. If you know you have a firm budget, please let us know. We’re always happy to quote you first, but knowing your budget in the end allows us to suggest options that might better fit your budget versus the end use of the rail. If any quote we provide doesn’t fit your budget, please let us know so we can offer you alternative solutions.

  6. A desired completion date. We can determine if the time frame is feasible and offer suggestions to help meet deadlines.

  7. Installation. Indicate whether you’d like a quote for an experienced team to install your railing.

Count on Foreman Fabricators to meet your exact handrail specifications for safety, durability and appearance. If it’s made of metal, Call Foreman Fabricators First.