finished aluminum vent coverIn an office environment, everyone has their own level of comfort.  It’s not uncommon to have an open office or cubicle are that’s unevenly served by HVAC vents, resulting in hot spots or cool spots depending on the season.  This can even result in interpersonal conflict, and ‘thermostat wars’ between employees who are feeling the heat or getting the chills. In some cases, to save sanity and expense, the best solution may be a blocker for the vent.

The local hardware store might have a few different covers or deflectors for common house vents. A client contacted us recently with a more challenging issue: a full size duct was dumping cold air directly down into her cubicle. No off the shelf product would cover it. The solution was relatively simple, from a metal fabricator’s point of view.  We got the dimensions of the duct, and then created a brake metal cover with magnets to secure the cover in place.  Pre-finished aluminum matched the existing HVAC duct perfectly, and just like that, the thermostat war was over.

It’s not uncommon for Foreman to take on small custom jobs like this. If you have a need and an idea, give us a call. With some dimensions and possibly a simple drawing, we can get the job done.