Everyone knows that stainless steel is durable and beautiful, but the beauty of stainless countertops is more than skin deep. The surface of stainless is non-porous, making it a hygenic surface. Germs and bacteria can’t penetrate it. That’s why it’s a traditional material in restaurant kitchens and hospitals. The same goes stains. True to its name, stainless is resistant to stains from food coloring, oils, and acidic foods. Also, there’s no danger in placing hot items directly on the counter. Naturally, rust or patina is not an issue with stainless steel. As durable as it is, the metal is relatively easily shaped and formed, which allows us to make countertops that match your exact specifications.

Let’s face it, stainless is sleek, modern, and just plain cool. The more light you put on stainless, the more it shines. With use, your countertops will gradually get some fine scratches, but we think that only adds to its character. Contrast it with natural wood or solid colors for beautiful design effects. If you’d like to accent it with varied finishes, hammered, textured, or mirror finish are just a few of the options available for decorative elements.