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Ornamental Metal, Decorative Metal

Functional art and ornamental metal that stands the test of time

Many of Foreman’s projects in the St. Louis area fall into the category of ornamental metal or decorative metal accents. The truth is, ornamental metal goes far beyond wrought iron fences, although we have repaired those. Metal art always makes an impression, no matter the context, and it will be around for the long term. As a result, some of our favorite projects are the ones in which we fabricate unique, decorative metal works of art.  We’ve tagged many of these in our blog posts and photo galleries: Ornamental and Decorative Metal

Foreman also has a number of ornamental metal projects in our St. Louis Landmarks series.


Tarlton Construction, ornamental metal and decorative metal customer:

“After working with us on numerous intricate ornamental metal projects, we cannot possibly express our gratitude for the excellent customer service we have received from Foreman Fabricators.  The project managers have always been team-oriented, seeking out solutions when given complex problems with tight schedule constraints.  While proving to be a superb team player on these complex projects, Foreman Fabricators ensures its installations are of the highest quality, and they continuously follow up with their customers to make certain the end-users are completely satisfied.  We thoroughly enjoy working with Foreman Fabricators, but especially enjoy the peace of mind presented when completing a project with them.” 
Sondra Terry, LEED AP, Senior Project Engineer:  Tarlton Corporation

Anodized Aluminum

Most of Foreman’s aluminum fabrication products have an anodized finish.  Anodization is an electrochemical process that increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on metal objects.
Foreman has been working with anodized aluminum in the Saint Louis area for decades.  We carry a variety of sizes, we have 4 foot wide sheets that are 8,10 and 12 foot long.

This website is full of examples, but here are a few of the highlights:

Justice Center Parking Garage


St. Louis Landmarks

St. Louis Landmarks

Foreman Fabricators’ Pride in Workmanship Stands the Test of Time in Iconic St. Louis Landmarks

Sometimes the best work doesn’t call a lot of attention to itself.  As a metal fabricator, creating functional architectural metal items that support and enhance their surroundings is what we do. Foreman Fabricators has been custom fabricating components for St. Louis landmarks since 1959.  When you’ve been a part of the St. Louis Landscape as long as we have, it’s easy to overlook architectural and decorative elements that you see every day.  Our new article series will feature some of our most visible, and some not so visible projects that might be hidden in plain sight.  Click on the links to the right to see more photos in each set.

Rail Calculator

Foreman Glass Rail Calculator

Welcome to The Foreman Rail Calculator, an online tool provided by Foreman Fabricators that’s yours for the using, absolutely FREE and with NO OBLIGATION.

The Foreman Rail Calculator is a fast and convenient way for you to get a customized railing budget estimate, using some of the most popular materials and options our customers request. This introductory version of the calculator focuses on glass railings, made with metal components and glass infills, one of our best-selling handrail types. We anticipate adding additional rail options and features as needed in response to usage and user feedback.

We encourage Architects, Designers, Contractors and Property Managers/Owners to pop online any time to get an estimate for a custom made handrail. It’s a great tool to help you develop project specs and costs, or to get a quick estimate for your customers.

You can also Contact Us directly at 314-771-1717 and ask one of our project managers for assistance with any metal fabrication quote you need.

DISCLAIMER: The prices generated by this system are intended as conservative budgetary estimates only, and are not to be considered hard quotes. You must contact Foreman Fabricators directly to receive a firm quotation.

Rail Calculator instructions on Youtube

Ballpark Village St. Louis

The Dugout Bar in Ballpark Village across the street from Busch Stadium sits in the middle of a miniature baseball diamond, and it’s a great place to meet up before or after the game.  Foreman Fabricators made the brushed stainless steel bar top, one of many stainless steel countertops we’ve created.

Foreman was very proud to be able to be a part of the World Series Room in the Cardinals Museum.  We created these aluminum flagpoles that give visitors the feeling of being inside a World Series trophy, and the painted aluminum touch screen kiosks in the surrounding rooms.

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Alex Nanna: Alumni Spotlight at Missouri State

Alex NannaAlex has been featured in an Alumni Spotlight article on the Missouri State website. Way to go, Alex!

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St. Louis Landmarks


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We’re known for our commitment to being a top quality metal fabricator, and for working with our customers to get them exactly what they need, on budget and on time.  Our talented team of project managers will help you every step of the way.  From concept, to measurement, spec development, fabrication, delivery and even installation, Foreman Fabricators will help you get the job done right.

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