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Foreman Glass Rail Calculator

The Foreman Fabricators’ Online Glass Rail Calculator: A Fast & Easy Way to Estimate Glass Rail Costs


Foreman Fabricators is happy to announce its new Online Glass Rail Calculator at Foreman knows that researching costs for construction jobs and projects can be a time consuming task, so they set out to offer this simple tool for project estimators, contractors, designers, architects, property managers and even consumers to get a sensible budgetary estimate for the most common glass stair rail or glass balcony rail projects. The Online Glass Rail Calculator is a tool that’s yours for the using, absolutely free and with no obligation. You don’t need to register or give us your email address unless you choose to follow up for more information.

This stair rail price estimating tool allows you to make your choice of aluminum and glass railing or stainless steel and glass railing, with tempered glass infill or laminate glass infill, and shoe mounting or post rail mounting system. You can choose from brushed or mirror polished stainless steel, or clear anodized aluminum. Select the lengths of your stair runs and number of turns, and see the numbers instantly, that’s all there is to it! We’ve even created this helpful how-to video to walk you through it:

Click Here to Use the Online Glass Rail Calculator

“We’ve worked with Architects, contractors and construction project estimators for over 50 years, helping them get the detailed information they need when they’re putting together construction costs or project budgets,” says Brian Foreman, President of Foreman Fabricators, Inc. “It just makes sense for us to work closely with our clients and be as helpful as we can up front,” he explains. “If we can be of service when they’re putting together costs for their construction projects, we feel it gives us an opportunity when it comes time for them to award the actual fabrication. It’s an important part of doing business in our industry.”

Foreman Fabricators makes all styles of handrails, and a lot of them incorporate glass into their design. “We want this Online Rail Calculator to be an easy tool for people to get quick cost estimates for the most common glass handrail projects. We’ll try to keep improving it and adding new features as users give us feedback, so it can be as useful as possible for our current customers, and potential customers. It’s out there for anyone to use, free of charge.”

Rob Rolves, Vice President at Foreman Fabricators, is excited about rolling out the new website addition. “It’s been a heck of a challenge getting the rail calculator ready, but I think it’s going to be a great tool for people who need it. We selected the most common glass railing types for the launch, the ones people ask us to quote on all the time. The glass rail pricing tool walks you through options for the types of support systems, metals, finishes and glass types…so it really allows for a pretty good variety of choices and glass rail designs. It can even give rough estimates on the installation costs.”

But don’t forget, Foreman’s team of experienced project managers and estimators is always available and willing to advise you and help you price any handrail job. Whether it’s a simple no-frills support railing for steps…or a guardrail to protect people from falling from a landing or platform…or a protective rail to keep people away from dangerous areas such as in manufacturing facilities…to elegant, one-of-a-kind hand railings and glass balcony rails to give a distinctive architectural metal look, Foreman Fabricators has made hundreds and hundreds of them all.

Give the Foreman Online Glass Rail Calculator a try, any time, day or night, 24/7. Or Contact Us directly at 314-771-1717 and ask one of our project managers for assistance with any metal fabrication quote you need.

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