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Foreman Fabricators Helps Build Real Work of “A-R-T” in Grand Center District.

Foreman Fabricators Helps Build Real Work of “A-R-T” in Grand Center District.


The Grand Center District is an arts and cultural area in Midtown St. Louis, billing itself as, among other things, “the intersection of art and life”. With the Fabulous Fox Theater as a focal point, the community is a thriving hot spot for cultural events, music, theater, museums and galleries, attracting over a million visitors each year.

Now the area has a new attraction that’s gaining attention…a huge, colorful lighted sign at 3526 Washington Avenue that lights up the area across from the Fox with a simple message: “ART”. This fantastic signage display was conceived by Jasmine Aber of CEL (Creative Exchange Lab) and Derek Lauer at Lauer Architecture Progressive Design. With the concept, design and architectural drawings in hand, the Lauer Architectural team choose Foreman Fabricators to manufacture the framework for the sign, onto which the lighting would be affixed.

Foreman’s team began by doing a field verification of the measurements in the architectural drawings, and made minor adjustments to ensure that mounting brackets could be placed in secure positions on the building site, and that other key elements of the design would be visibly unimpeded for the best possible aesthetic appeal. The sign frame itself needed to be built with ¾” galvanized tubing to meet the engineering specifications of the project, and to best work with the LED lighting system that was to be attached to the frame. The tubing size was somewhat unique in and of itself, so Foreman Fabricators had to make custom connectors to join the piping lengths. Each letter was constructed of 7 rows of tubing run parallel, side-by-side and atop each other to give the creation a 3-dimensional effect. The lengths of galvanized tubing were rolled to different radiuses, or curved shapes, to soften the shapes of the letters and add to the effect of depth. The finished product was so big that Foreman built it in sections which could be spliced together in the field upon installation. The “A” was made in 5 sections, the “R” in 4 sections, and the “T” in 4 sections, for a total of 13 large sections that had to fit and assemble perfectly at the installation site.

Once Foreman had completed the fabrication of the sign frame in its various sections, an LED contractor installed lights onto the framing and ensured each section could easily plug and connect together during the onsite installation. Foreman personnel were on hand to assist, making minor additions and adjustments to the frame to best accommodate the needs of the lighting installation contractor. When all the components were ready and the lighting was all strung, Foreman coordinated the installation, using Hubzco, Inc. as the sub-subcontractor. The finished product is over 30’ tall by 50’ wide, so you can’t miss it next time you’re driving by the Fox theater after dark on an event filled night. It’s a beautiful, eye-catching piece of signage that highlights the theme of the Grand Center District.

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Made in the Shade with Foreman Fabricators, Inc.

Foreman Fabricators was honored to have a part in part of developing a signature piece for the Monarch Levee Trail in Chesterfield, Missouri. A part of the Great Rivers Greenway District’s system of trails, the Monarch Levee Trail offers a walkable, bikeable connection primarily along the Chesterfield Valley region along the Missouri River. The project development included L. Krupp Construction as a contractor, and Foreman won the bid for creating the unique sun shades that decorate a rest area along the trail.

 Foreman Fabricators worked with the project designer (Therese McKee of Signature Designs) on the final design of the sun shades to ensure they had long lasting strength and durability to withstand the elements. Designed to emulate the look of trees, all steel bars were used for the trunks of the sun shades, and heavy, schedule 80 round steel pipes were used for the canopies to support wind, snow and ice loads. The completed fabrications were hot dipped galvanized and then powder coated to give the pieces strong corrosion protection that will last for many years to come.

 When the fabrication of the sun shades was completed and ready for installation, Foreman provided the contractor with a template for placing anchor bolt locations within the concrete mounting foundation. The installation itself went very smoothly, with everything fitting together like a glove. The end result is a set of unique sun shades that act as a centerpiece for a scenic overlook and rest area along the Monarch Levee Trail. The sun shades are so distinctive, they are featured in photos on the Great Rivers Greenway website.

Foreman Crafts Bronze and Glass Stair System at Kenrick Glennon Seminary

A construction project at Kenrick Glennon Seminary in Shrewsbury, Missouri, included an elegant architectural railing that incorporated materials such as antiqued bronze, glass, aluminum and wood. BSI Constructors was the general contractor, with project manager John Kenter overseeing the details of getting the railing fabricated and installed. Canon Design provided the architectural drawings for the railing, and Foreman Fabricators was chosen for the fabrication.

Foreman began by using specialized software to create a 3-dimensional model that allowed the architect and the general contractor to view the railing from any angle, so they could readily verify and approve the specifics of how the railing was to be fabricated. Once approved, Foreman did field measuring for the stair system to match actual field dimensions with the architectural design.

Aluminum shoes were used, and cladded with bronze that Foreman fabricated to spec from muntz metal sheet. Foreman also custom made the top bronze cap from muntz, and provided the bronze brackets for the wooden grab rails, the antiquing on the bronze components and the glass panels for the infill. In the end, Foreman brought together all the critical metal and glass components the contractor needed to install the railing on site.

BSI Constructors had their own iron workers available, so they performed the installation, but Foreman’s team assisted BSI as needed along the way to ensure proper fits and to make any necessary adjustments to the provided materials.  BSI’s team did a great job on the installation, and the end result is a beautiful and distinctive contemporary railing that will hold up to years of wear and tear.

Foreman Makes Architect’s Vision a Reality at the Art Museum

St. Louis Black Oxide Coating

St. Louis Black Oxide Coating

The St. Louis Art Museum’s extensive expansion project included fine work from Foreman Fabricators. Working as a subcontractor for Gravois Planing Mill, Foreman was responsible for cladding their millwork with hot rolled steel sheet with a black oxide finish and a polane clear coat finish. Items included for this specialized cladding included desks, trash receptacles, coat racks, shelves and display counters.

There were several challenges for this project. The main issue was the material itself; it’s difficult to get hot rolled steel sheet that doesn’t have any rust marks on it, and the steel had to be clean and free from all rust for the black oxide finish to look like the architect envisioned. The architect also specified that all bent corners needed to be quite sharp, with a minimal radius. This radius spec required Foreman to put a v-groove into the back of the sheet every place there was a bend, which allowed the bend to come out sharp as the architect envisioned.


Another challenge was the incredibly tight tolerances required on the various cladding panels. The architect didn’t want any gap at all between panels, so every piece had to be cut and formed, then fit-up to the woodwork to ensure each panel would work prior to application of the black oxide and clear coat finish. To add to the difficulty, the panels were sensitive to shipping damage, so extra precautions had to be employed to ensure none of the finished panels would be scratched or damaged during shipping. This required building large crates with extra padding and insulation to protect the panels, and the use of dedicated trucks instead of the usual LTL option, where the panels were more susceptible to damage from other cargo in the trucks.

Finally, the finished panels had to be installed using a specialized 3M epoxy glue, and great care had to be taken so absolutely no glue contacted the outside, finished surface of the panels, and no scratches or damage occurred during installation. Foreman and Gravois Planing Mill also had to devise a temporary wooden basketry-like support system to help support the panels while the epoxy set up on the cabinet work.

In the end, Foreman Fabricators and Gravois Planing Mill worked very well together, and delivered the finished product in compliance with architectural specifications and the needs of the construction project all together.

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Countertops can make or break a room, if they aren’t aesthetically pleasing it’s hard to make a room look nice. No matter what the space, transform your design with custom countertops by Foreman and you’ll have a variety of metals to choose from including stainless steel, aluminum, copper and more. Whether your space is a commercial location or a private residence, Foreman can cater to your exact specifications and needs.

A perfect example is the stainless steel countertops at Ginger Bay Salon & Spa. Foreman fabricated a “color bar” for the service area of the salon that was both beautiful and functional…and easy to keep impeccably clean. Click here to read full article.

If you’ve ever been to a baseball Cardinals game in St. Louis, there’s a good chance that you’ve counted on us to keep you upright: we fabricated and installed the countertop at the Dugout Bar in Ballpark Village.

If you need bartops, countertops, stainless steel drink rails, bar well rails, a simple metal bracket or anything else you need that’s fabricated from metal, Foreman Fabricators is the metal manufacturer to call. We offer a variety of finishes and can do modifications or repairs to existing metal items. We can make a single, one-of-a-kind item or we can make thousands of them.

Alex Nanna: Alumni Spotlight at Missouri State

Alex NannaAlex has been featured in an Alumni Spotlight article on the Missouri State website. Way to go, Alex!

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