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Decorative Metals: The Truth Behind the Terms

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Custom Made Metal and Glass Tables

Custom metal furniture, designed and fabricated to your specifications. We can create a beautiful, functional work of art for your home or business.

If you’re in the market for a statement piece that’s truly unique, take a look at these custom made stainless tables with tempered glass tops. Foreman Fabricators created this handsome stainless steel side table and sofa table. In both pieces, the owner’s initials are laid out in a bold design to form the top of the table. The top is laser cut from a sheet of stainless steel and a custom cut piece of tempered glass.  With the capabilities of a laser cutter, almost any line art design can be reproduced in metal accurately. The durability and cool factor of stainless steel speaks for itself.  Decorate your home or office with custom metal furniture that can’t be found in a big box store, in-flight catalog, or on an auction website.  If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that reflects you and will stand the test of time, this is it.  Would you like your company logo or brand logo cut into a coffee table, desk, or meeting table?  Do you have an idea for a design, but need help with the drawing?  We can help you realize your vision. Any additional materials can be incorporated, such as wood or marble. The possibilities are almost endless. Send us your design idea, and we’ll do the estimate.

Foreman Uses Brake Metal to Win the ‘Thermostat Wars!’

finished aluminum vent coverIn an office environment, everyone has their own level of comfort.  It’s not uncommon to have an open office or cubicle are that’s unevenly served by HVAC vents, resulting in hot spots or cool spots depending on the season.  This can even result in interpersonal conflict, and ‘thermostat wars’ between employees who are feeling the heat or getting the chills. In some cases, to save sanity and expense, the best solution may be a blocker for the vent.

The local hardware store might have a few different covers or deflectors for common house vents. A client contacted us recently with a more challenging issue: a full size duct was dumping cold air directly down into her cubicle. No off the shelf product would cover it. The solution was relatively simple, from a metal fabricator’s point of view.  We got the dimensions of the duct, and then created a brake metal cover with magnets to secure the cover in place.  Pre-finished aluminum matched the existing HVAC duct perfectly, and just like that, the thermostat war was over.

It’s not uncommon for Foreman to take on small custom jobs like this. If you have a need and an idea, give us a call. With some dimensions and possibly a simple drawing, we can get the job done.

St Louis Art Museum

St Louis Art Museum – Foreman Fabricators makes visible contributions to Museum expansion with custom metal items including reception desks, trash receptacles, coat racks, shelves and display counters.

Working as a subcontractor with Gravois Planing Mill, Foreman was responsible for a variety of custom cladding millwork with a black oxide finish and a Polane clear coat finish. Despite detailed spec requests and design challenges, Foreman created the precise look envisioned by the architect.  Challenges included hot rolled steel sheet without rust, minimal radius with a v-groove in the back of every sheet bend, the need to build special crates to minimize the potential for shipping damage, and finishing each installation with a 3M epoxy glue.  Overall, Foreman Fabricators and Gravois Planing Mill worked well together delivering optimal work to meet architectural specifications for the St Louis Art Museum’s expansion project.

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Metal Repair, Parts Replacement, and Rework

Metal Repair, Parts Replacement,  and Rework-  Foreman Fabricators specializes in the replacement, repair and rework of almost any metal item.  We pride ourselves on our ability to serve your needs for modifying your existing parts, fixing a broken metal item that’s too unique or valuable to throw away, and even replicating difficult to replace parts that you can’t find in a catalog or inventory.

With over half a century of experience in custom metal fabrication, no one else in St Louis can bring you the expertise and attention to detail you need to ensure your reworked or repaired metal item looks and performs like new.  We’re also experts at fabricating a new version of your worn or broken part, matching the look and functionality of the item, and even making improvements to enhance long-term durability.  Foreman is recognized as an industry leading resource for contractors and individuals responsible for building or facility maintenance and repair.  Our ability to match and recreate existing metal items also makes us a unique resource for historic renovation projects.  With Foreman Fabricators, you get the peace of mind that your metal repair, replacement and rework jobs will be done right, and done on time.

Contact us today for a quote on any of your metal item repair and replacement needs.

St. Louis Landmarks

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Foreman Fabricators

If it’s made of metal and you’re looking for solutions…

Foreman Fabricators has been an industry leader in custom metal fabrication since 1959.  Whether you need a single one-of-a-kind metal item or thousands of them, Foreman Fabricators can make it to your exact specifications.

We’re known for our commitment to being a top quality metal fabricator, and for working with our customers to get them exactly what they need, on budget and on time.  Our talented team of project managers will help you every step of the way.  From concept, to measurement, spec development, fabrication, delivery and even installation, Foreman Fabricators will help you get the job done right.

One of a kind or quantity…since 1959!