No one does architectural brake metal better than Foreman Fabricators. We’re experts at forming metal to a variety of shapes including angles, channels, “Z” shapes, hat shapes, sills, parapets, roof and edge cappings and much more. Metal cladding enhances the beauty and durability of architectural features such as walls, columns, doors, corners, window cladding and much more. Whether it’s for new construction or replacement, or to give a new look and sturdiness to an existing item or structure, Foreman Fabricators can help you create, produce and install the look you need.

How to get a faster, more accurate quote on a brake metal job.

Foreman Fabricators offers a complete line of architectural brake metals to meet your exact needs. We carry a complete line of prefinished sheets in standard finish options including stainless steel in brush or mirror finishes, aluminum with clear, bronze and black anodized finishes, or bronze, black and bone white painted finishes. We can supply a myriad of other colors and custom finishes by painting or applying coatings after fabrication.

Architectural metal fabrications can include cladding or framing to protect or beautify elevators, foyers, reception desks, window framing and much more. Foreman Fabricators is expert at manufacturing items from almost any type of metal, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, steel, brass, bronze, copper, diamond plate / checkerplate or any other type of metal cladding to protect or beautify walls or columns. Wire cloth, perforated, expanded, or embossed metals. We are also experts at working with contractors, windows and door installers, glaziers, millworkers and other trade partners to ensure products are manufactured to exact specifications.

If it’s made of metal and you’re looking for a solution, Foreman Fabricators is the one to call. Be sure to read our blog for more detailed descriptions of architectural brake metal projects:

Hof Construction Treadbrite Columns

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