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Foreman Fabricators prides itself on being able to handle real challenges in metal fabrication.  When we were approached by a homeowner to create a unique spiral staircase for a residence, we knew we were up to the job.  It seems another fabricator had started the job, encountered insurmountable problems with the complexity of the fabrication, and left the customer in the lurch. 

Foreman came in and helped make some structural design changes that would allow the project to work, and we fabricated a magnificent brush finish stainless steel and glass spiral staircase that turned out to be a real showpiece.  The tightness of the stair diameter caused difficulty due to machinery restrictions, and we were not able to roll the top rail in a conventional way as originally anticipated.  Instead, we had to specially stretch form the top rail, a difficult process which took two tries to get it just right so all the joints would meet specification.  Foreman created a special solution to fabricate the piece accurately; we used a slotted steel tube as an insert inside the stainless tube to ensure the piece would hold its round shape through the forming and welding process.  This non-standard production method made the difference, and allowed the end product to retain its originally conceived look.  In the end, Foreman handled the project all the way through installation, ensuring the finished railing was as beautiful and practical as designed.